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For each of the deposit types listed below, maps have been produced which show the 250 Anomaly Clusters which best match the deposit type. Clicking on the deposit type will bring up the map, and clicking on any cluster in the map will bring up links to further information about the cluster.
[For more information about Anomaly Clusters and how to work with information about Anomaly Clusters, please read the Introduction.]

BCGS Deposit Type (No) [ranking] (best match) (second-best match)

Phanerozoic IOCG (BCGS D07) [ranking] (best) (second)
Shallow Subaqueous Hot Spring Au-Ag-Eskay Creek (BCGS G07) [ranking] (best) (second)
Epithermal Au-Ag-Cu High Sulphidation (BCGS H04) [ranking] (best) (second)
Cu Skarn (BCGS K01) [ranking] (best) (second)
Zn-Pb Skarn (BCGS K02) [ranking] (best) (second)
Fe skarns (BCGS K03) [ranking] (best) (second)
Sn skarns (BCGS K06) [ranking] (best) (second)
Mo skarns (BCGS K07) [ranking] (best) (second)
Subvolcanic Cu-Au-Ag (As-Sb) (BCGS L01) [ranking] (best) (second)
Porphyry Cu-Au Alkalic (BCGS L03) [ranking] (best) (second)
Porphyry Cu + Mo + Au (BCGS L04) [ranking] (best) (second)
Porphyry W (BCGS L07) [ranking] (best) (second)
Porphyry Mo (Climax-type) (BCGS L08) [ranking] (best) (second)
Broken Hill (BCGS S01) [ranking] (best) (second)

USGS Deposit Type (No) [ranking] (best match) (second-best match)

Stillwater Ni-Cu (USGS 01) [ranking] (best) (second)
Duluth Cu-Ni-PGE (USGS 05a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Limassol Forest Co-Ni (USGS 08c) [ranking] (best) (second)
Thorium-rare-earth veins (USGS 11d) [ranking] (best) (second)
Volcanic-hosted Cu-As-Sb (USGS 22a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Cyprus massive sulphide (USGS 24a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Creede epithermal veins (USGS 25b) [ranking] (best) (second)
Volcanogenic U (USGS 25f) [ranking] (best) (second)
Kuroko massive sulphide (USGS 28a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Sandstone-hosted Pb-Zn (USGS 30a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Sedimentary exhalative Zn-Pb (USGS 31a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Southeast Missouri Pb-Zn (USGS 32a) [ranking] (best) (second)
Homestake Au (USGS 36b) [ranking] (best) (second)

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