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   RGS Statistics  

RGS (Regional Stream Geochemistry) Statistics RGS (Regional Stream Geochemistry) Statistics

A large number of statistical graphics have been prepared to assist with the interpretation of the stream sediment data used in this study.

A special web page has been designed to facilitate the comparison of data sets, using constant horizontal and vertical plotting scales when appropriate.

To view these graphics, please click here.

These plots are likely to be of value beyond the scope of target generation in minerals exploration. Environmentalists will be interested in the information they provide about stream compositions. Bedrock mappers will be interested in the extent to which they validate lumping and splitting of rock types into different mappable lithological units at a scale of 1:250000.

Thresholds by Lithology

In this study, the 99th percentile was used to classify samples as "enhanced" in any element for the purposes of a MineMatch description. Select from the following links to view tables showing these thresholds in the format of your choice.Different thresholds were calculated for each lithlology:
PDF format listing of thresholds
PDF format listing of numbers of samples in each lithology population
Web page (HTML format) showing all lithologies, thresholds, and sample populations
Excel Spreadsheet with locked lithology column and column headers showing lithologies, thresholds and sample populations.[This requires that
the (free) MS Office Web Components (16 Mb) are installed on your computer.]

Anomaly Cluster Geochemical Details

Click hereto request the geochemical details for Anomaly Clusters.
[Click here for the old format Anomaly Cluster details.]

Reference Geochemical Data

The GERM geochemical reservoir database provides a wealth of reference data which is downloadable in many formats, and which is useful of comparison with the data reported in this study.

Interpreting Geochemical Data for Geochemical Exploration

Steve Amor has written a good overview of geochemical data presentation and interpretation for exploration, which is available for download from his web site in summary <362Kb> and complete <1.9Mb> form.

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