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The points plotted are the multi-element geochemical anomalies whose attributes best match the deposit type appearing in the map title.   The map can be zoomed using the controls on the left, and panned using the buttons in the map margin.  Resting the mouse on a point brings up its ID, latitude and longitude. Clicking on a point will bring up hyperlinks to three MineMatch reports on the anomaly.
   Best Match: MineMatch comparison of the target
   with the deposit type it matches best (possibly NOT the deposit type under consideration in this map)
   Next Match: MineMatch comparison with the next-
                     best-matching deposit type.
   Ranking:     MineMatch ranking of the target against
                     95 deposit types.
The Best Match and Next Match reports include hyperlinks to BC Geological Survey reports on all known mineral occurrences which fall within 2.5km of the multi-element anomaly sampling points.  The mineral occurrences appear as "Instance Associated" attributes in the reports, and the hyperlinks are in the word "Present", just alongside each occurrence's name.